Saturday, 28 September 2013

Flower Girl Dresses With The Design Of Sunflowers

The color of the flowers and rustic materials were taken households and match with the furniture, the sunflowers replace traditional roses giving a special touch to homes and the contemporary events.

When decorating the spaces with sunflowers, trends give us two keys: one to put flowers so let them show all their beauty, two respecting their need for water and light.

Multiple Functions Of The Flowers

This means no more rules: no indication today form or the variety of flowers to be used in certain areas of the house. Instead, they give us the permission to use imagination and challenge our taste.

Although any flower gets its share of beauty and elegance, the designers are inclined to the sunflowers and I always have given a special touch to the spaces. these flowers in the living room and a special touch to youth and energy, these flowers whose colors are spectacular, and contrast well with the furniture and other decorative pieces.

Decorating With Flowers

According to experts in interior design, the interior designers current opinions and inclination have tendency toward the natural materials and considered to be fashionable.

The sunflowers with rustic, with logs, shacks and natural fibers make it a perfect complement to the sunflowers can be used to decorate, but are also present in the bases or in vases.

Although many oxidized bases, coppery aged and are synonymous with country atmosphere and even bohemian, now complement each other very well with fresh flowers and can create very original compositions.

Some accessories to decorate with sunflowers with these bases are oxidized paraffin and everyday objects become an excellent alternative and have gained importance in the field of decoration.

This decoration with flower designs ranges to the clothes and accessories in of the flower girl dresses.

Photograph Flowers

Photographers flowers and vegetation specialists say that when trying to recreate the flowers in a digital stage, realize that every detail, color, texture is captured in all its amazing beauty rather deeper than the retina of the eyes becoming experience that comes to mind.


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