Thursday, 17 October 2013

How To Choose The Wedding Dress?

A year before the big day, you begin to explore the market in order to get an idea of what you like and what not. Flip through the magazines; look at the pages of bridal dresses and designers’ websites which have your attention and travel to visit bridal boutiques.

For those who choose a designer wedding dress, you have to start the first test between 6 and 4 months before the big day, although the touches continue until late, almost two weeks before the date specified.

For those who prefer to buy a ready-made dress in a boutique should, in any case, pick it four months before the wedding, thus, increasing the chances that they can make necessary adjustments or arrangements.

Though it is still possible to find a fairy dress a few weeks before the big day, it would be so much stressful.

The nature has made us well and we have been created from the same mold, and what a great feeling it is. The dress that hides your love handles and highlights your beautiful shoulders and a tiny waist is possible to be available here o time. The perfect dress is one that enhances your appearance and one that extols your virtues and hides your little flaws. Why do you persist in fitting into a tight dress when they are bad with extra kilos and do not freak out by a crinoline.

There are romantic yearns only for a princess dress which ruffles and bustles, others who want to make a difference at any price wearing a shocking bright red or black, the trendiest do not want to flaunt a classic dress but prefer a tuxedo white, very contemporary. In short, each character corresponds to a dress, and the day entitled to everything. Just do not put the outcry when you look at your photo album in 10 years. Our tastes change, but the pictures remain the same. Despite the euphoria of the moment, it is essential to maintain a cool head. Since it's your big day, the only time you'll be able to buy a dress and put dreamy green with envy to all women on the planet. But do not spend the entire budget on your wedding in a few yards of fabric. Obviously, a designer dress or custom made is more expensive than a dress bought in a boutique.

You better avoid unpleasant surprises. Before you say ‘Yes’ to the seller or seamstress, be very careful of the following;

•    Go with your mother, your sister or a close friend to at least one of the tests as they will give you different opinions and answer the questions which are distressing you.
•    Take, proof-heeled shoes equivalent to those provided for the big day. This will adjust the bass of your dress.
•    Put the dress in the light of day in order to verify that it is clear and it was not as you thought.
•    Make big movements with arms and legs to ensure maximum comfort on the wedding day.
•    Request a fabric swatch to bring together the rest of the accessories, the groom's suit or the dresses of the bridesmaids as they are the girls formal wear.


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