Thursday, 3 October 2013

Fair Of Manizales – The Occasion Of Celebration

Manizales Fair and the meaning of the red carnations, the grandeur, elegance are frequently used in parades and events by women of Manizales in the fair.

In order to send flowers to Manizales, the most important time of the year is the fair of Manizales where many business and events take place in a light mood meetings while the shop owners sell a lot of carnations to and for women and the floral arrangements for events.

The flowers in Manizales found a good market in which it is decorated with longer lasting flowers like heliconias, but for its cold weather the flowers do not last longer, so for this kind of events, one can use flowers like roses, lilies and sunflowers which face the climate with more strength.

Story Of Manizales Fair From A Florist

The Manizales Fair is held annually in the city and it is renowned for its bullfighting season and the International Coffee Pageant. This fair has Spanish roots, says the florist of Manizales, mimicking some of their customs, but also with many Colombian customs, especially in the Andean region; it starts in the first weekend of the year and ends on the following. The celebration features cultural, artistic and sports. On this date, the florists of Manizales have a large variety of flowers for its cold climate. The little girls wear fancy girl dress on this occasion and have fun in the activities.
Do Women Prefer Carnations And Why?

The carnation means distinction and nobility, often associated romance, joy and charm, generally anything that has to do with the joy and love. Manizales flowers carnations are grown especially for this important date, but many wonder why women prefer to decorate their hair with pink carnations and it is an imitation of the typical Spanish woman with red carnation alluding to folklore dresses, but this time not only copy the Spanish customs but also follow the customs of the Andean region with their dishes, clothes and typical music.


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