Friday, 11 October 2013

Ideas For A Wedding Unlike Any Other

No convention or preference forces you to get married in a traditional way. If you want to do with originality, there are numerous ideas to touch the appropriate keys which are mentioned below;

The Dress

If you do not want to get married in white for the reason that it is too classic for your taste, you can opt for the color. You can choose the red dress if you are highly passionate or you can opt for the pink color if your soul is romantic or even dare to go by the black line with the latest trends.

Play With Accessories

The accessories that are delusional to replace the famous veil flower jewelry and do not forget the bouquet if you want, you can change the flowers for a bouquet with strips of cloth, beads, feathers.

The Place

Are you attracted to a dream place which is out of the ordinary ones? The choice of the banquet hall is crucial. If you are an artist, opt for a theater, opera, cinema or a museum. You can take advantage of the sumptuous decor and feel very privileged. If you are a fan of music, you can think of a nightclub or a jazz club.

If you are a traveling soul and want a very intimate wedding or if this is a second marriage, Las Vegas is the great place even though a little kitsch. Promise you'll have the opportunity in a famous "Love Chapels". Try to do all the paperwork necessary for your union to be recognized there.

The Car

All means of transportation are good to take like a Vespa, a Citroen 2 Horses, a bike tandem ... think that it has some meaning to you and to hell with the conventions.

Flower Girls

You must choose the best toddler flower girl dresses and do not try to be too unconventional pertaining to the flowers girls more info go to the link

Plates and Different Menus for Others

Food is also an ideal time to innovate. Salty or sweet, surprise your guests! Yoy can propose a buffet of world flavors typical childhood treats like caramel apples, a mountain of vegetables and fruits carved, chic tasting wine, chocolate or coffee, desserts amazing sight and taste buds as a source chocolate or a piece of macaroni mounted. The choice of manager is crucial in these cases.


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