Saturday, 12 October 2013

Choosing The Bridal Hairstyle

For your wedding, you have chosen the date, the place, the restaurant, but what about your hair. As with the gown, the hairstyle of the bride is not an element that can be improvised. There are some tips for finding the style that is best and organized before the big day.

The Style Of Dress = If you've chosen your dress, you need to find the hairstyle that will bring together the best. To do this, do not hesitate to ask for advice at the boutique where you bought it, you can really have many ideas and browse the catalogs to see what you get. It is best to combine the style of dress and the hairstyle taking into account the nature of the hair. You're tall and thin and have chosen a dress that highlights this line.

You can opt for a ballerina bun on the nape to the classic, or higher with bangs to follow the fashion. Add a satin ribbon to hold it and give a nice contrast to hair. Do it if you have long straight hair and a round face or oval. If your hair is long and rich, why don’t you dare with a braid finished in a ponytail? If you have curly hair, you can let it loose to fall with a touch of glamorous, beautiful curls hairstyles for the hairdresser.

A Princess Dress - If you have chosen a fairytale dress with romantic spirit, a simple bun on the nape where some curls would escape keeping with that style. Be careful, however, not to fall too much in the total look.

A Very Low-Cut Dress You can opt for a high bun styling lines with a lock smooth out the center in the form of ponytail. You may also use some headpieces as well to make a better look.

The Different Types Of Hair -The nature of the hair also has the choice of hairstyle. If you dream about a very romantic but you have very short hair, you better think a little about how you want your hair for the big day.

Long Hair & Smooth - If you are lucky, you can afford almost everything. A sophisticated chignon, ringlets made at the salon or just loose with a hand dryer

Curly Hair - If you want to be a bohemian bride, place some flowers, bouquet of colors in the recesses of your hair. A wedding hairstyle is not improvised, especially if you choose to wear a veil. To choose an option, ask your hairdresser for advice or friends or boutique of your dress. For some time browsing the catalogs of wedding dresses, and seek advice from your fiancée. It is important that he also likes it. Take appointment with him at the hairdresser the first time with at least one photo of the dress. Do not hesitate to clearly describe all your requests and desires.


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