Tuesday, 1 October 2013

How To Choose Banquet Catering For Wedding

The catering is an essential part of your wedding feast as t he quality of the food influences the mood of the guests and it is also an important element of a wedding budget. When you are making a booking for the catering, you may need to do it 10 to 6 months before the wedding day as it provides you with the time to contact several different services that can be compared.

Set A Budget
To simplify your choice, know your approximate budget and take advantage of the competition. Contact all of the catering services including those that seem well-known (sometimes they are more expensive than others) as every service house will give a quote which you can compare.

In general, wine and champagne are not always included in the catering, so they are often billed separately with a sharp rise. An ideal formula is to ask a family member to specify the order for wine and you choose to book the wine and champagne apart.

Taste, taste and taste!
It is essential to try the dishes offered by the catering. First, ask for an appointment to a taste at a place where you can reach. Secondly, set your menu and try your selection. Ideally, do both for the election to be consensual.
Practical Questions

You must ask the following questions to the catering service;
•    What is the time limit for service?
•    You provide the tables, chairs, linens and silverware?
•    Is there any provision to add or remove guests?
•    What is the cancellation clause or redemption?

Opt For A Cocktail/Buffet

This trend is very fashionable these days as t offers you several possibilities.

•    Serving the classic cocktail in which the guests go to the buffet
•    Serving of dinner cocktail, in which every gusset among the tables
•    The cocktail with dinner where the guests have dinner after the starter are served at their tables.

In all this preparation, you must not forget the preparation of the flower girl who is very important person in the wedding ceremony adding to the elegance to the bride.


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