Friday, 4 October 2013

The 10 Commandments Of Ideal Dressed Groom

1) Avoid Brown Shoes

This color is too closely linked to daily footwear. Conversely, if the wedding takes place in the field, it follows British rule as ‘no black shoes’.

2) Matching Socks with Shoes

Avoid this crime as it hurts the fashion wearing a pair of white socks or worse. It gives the children's statement or animated.

3) Tie knot

You must have a well knotted tie knot.

4) Don’t Give in to the Temptation of Smoking

Unless your name is James Bond or have voluntarily chosen a look a bit tacky or old-fashioned, you should smoking.

5) The Pinned

A flower bouquet catching lady or a scarf with a touch of color, but beware that the tissue never has to combine with the tie.

6) Master the Art of Button

It's simple; if the jacket has two buttons, it will be either completely open or completely closed. If the jacket is three-button belted never last.

7) Break Your New Shoes

Only women are harmed by foot with your new shoes. Take your shoes in house for a week before the big day, and do not forget to make small scratches on the sole in order not to slip at the time to dance the waltz. Remember Chandler in Friends!

8) Refrain from Wearing a Belt

Traditionally, it is forbidden to use formal wear, but if you are afraid of running into the pants at the knees, select one discreet and match the shoes or the color of your pants.

9) Empty Your Pockets

There is nothing more unsightly than a trouser deformed by a mobile phone, a wallet or a Swiss Army knife! Avoid taking your all your accessories.

10) Take off Your Watch

On your wedding day, more than any other, we have the right to forget time. If you feel naked without it, at least avoids huge watch sports or diving and carries an old watch your father or grandfather.

These dress tips will surely help you look good and feel comfortable while moving in wedding reception venue.


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