Monday, 14 October 2013

The Betrothal – A Promise To Be Kept

The betrothal is the commitment to each other between to-be bride and the to-be groom. Although no longer an act as solemn as it once was, it is still a symbol, a desire for union that does not have to materialize at a wedding.

Why Do We Promise?

This time you are sure that it is not escape from anything as you might have imagined the betrothal on more than one occasion. Finally, you feel prepared to formalize the union with your partner and your closest friends witness it. It is not a legal act at the altar, but a tradition that endures over time.

Before the betrothal is performed with the aim that the young lovers become acquainted and prepare a common life, times have changed and today most young couples live together before getting engaged.

The betrothal is still a way to show the love and attachment with each other and to convince a lasting relationship with a view to wedding. However there are many couples that ignore that last goal and are promised for life.

The Food

After betrothal is announced, this becomes a commitment to the family. If you want to and respect the tradition, you can invite the respective families and mutual friends to have dinner at your home. You can also choose it to be stylish and cozy. In terms of placement, the parents should sit by and in the presence of the promised. Friends should take the second table.


There is a standard for anyone to be offended or get angry when addressing this thorny issue: the rings are the responsibility of the promised or your family and food to the parents of the bride. However, you can create your own rules.

Gift Ideas for Your Fiancé

The gift should be timeless and above all to the taste of your partner. Among the classics, you can choose bracelet or watch, but do not choose the ring. If not, you can always be original and choose a high-tech gadget or a course of driving.

What about you, Miss?
You will have the honor of receiving the ring unless you already carry in your finger after a marriage ordered in advance. If your partner is classic, he will give away a diamond or, if not, choose a ring that will go with your style. Now it is up to parents to reunite both families to continue to know and can talk calmly about wedding and its planning like the bridal wear, groom’s wear and the baby formal wear (Read Complete detail Here the family’s cute little princesses.


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