Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Asking Bride’s Hand In Marriage

Formerly this was the father of the groom who asked the hand of his future bride-in-law. At that time, young people who married were not consulted and had to star in convenience links very helpful for families, especially for economic reasons. The girls were often too young and had to consent to the marriage to start a family soon and live comfortably.

A Tradition That Endures Over Time

Since then we keep the tradition of asking the bride's hand to his father, but now he is the young man she will marry who addresses his future father. There are few who still demand the hand and they do to keep the tradition more than to get actual consent form father because today the couple of lovers agree with each other. And for those who have kept the vow of chastity during the courtship, now is the time to prepare for the wedding night.

Currently the betrothed decide to get married before announcing to family and friends. Traditionally, it is the man who asks to be married to a ring, but more and more women come forward and take the plunge.

Marriage also has become a recurring theme in the couple, so over time the engagement has been losing its solemnity; the decision ceases to be a full-blown proposal. However, there are still guys who kneel before girls who dream of a request worthy of a fairy tale, and still others that are not noted for their imagination and originality when it comes to make the request unforgettable.

When a marriage takes place, the flower girls dress is of high importance, so you must not forget about his point in the excitement of your wedding.

We have all dreamed of the moment in which our partner kneels during a dinner by candlelight, opens a small box and says with tears in his eyes that she is the love of his life. It is also very romantic breakfast in bed with the ring inside croissant, a picnic on the beach, a proposition after making love, a gondola ride through Venice, a bubble bath with glass of champagne in hand, etc. That romantic side in men usually serves us well known, but they can also be very sensitive and passionate.

Those who want to surprise your partner with an original request to know that there are many ideas. Although this is a rather intimate moment, some people do not hesitate to ask in marriage in front of everyone in a restaurant with friends, on the giant screen during a football game or even a banner pulled by an airplane.


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