Friday, 11 October 2013

Story of The First Communion Dress

Today, we are going to narrate a nice moral story here to give you a thought provoking lesson. Here gores the story.A girl had been prepared with great fervor to her first communion. Some days before the ceremony, her mother called and said, "Amalia, until now you've dedicated to purifying and decorate your heart to receive the visit of Jesus, come to see the cute silk outfit just brought for you.

The mother is expecting an explosion of joy, but what was not surprised to see that the girl remained silent and crestfallen.

“What 's the matter, kid? Are not you happy?" Asked the mother with deep concern.

"Yes, Mom, I'm happy, but I think that poor children do not have such beautiful costumes, therefore, I can think more about Jesus. Instead I have to share my joy between Jesus and costume. If you wanted change, please!

So little girl wanted to make the first communion without suit?

No, Mom. I want to do with the prettiest of which I have, and this, if you can return as we give to the poor of the parish money for their moms put a snack with cakes, couple life remember the day of her first communion.

The mother, who was smart, lowered her head and was silent and consulted with her husband and their other brothers. A brother said nonsense that they put the priests in the parish catechesis. Sister said, "You have to tell it to this baby, we also have the right to be happy and we want to go as we were.

The father, who was wise and intelligent, said at last, “The suit is not deleted, simply change it. It prepares one that has and a little decorating. We divide the money and half would be given as she wants. The other half is divided in to two parts and one is given to the children, for not less than girls. The other becomes a gift for this baby, for the lesson she has given us. For me, I study the Bible much and I know that the Gospel is that "God speaks through children."

The mother, who was also studying Bible gave kiss to her husband, saying, "Oh new Solomon of the times. You did the wise judgment.

This is how the girls Christmas dresses came to her and she celebrated her communion day.


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