Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Jana Fragola – The Hat Designer

Jana Fragola loves hats because are the perfect accessory for events like weddings, but also for street style. Jana Fragola is an aspiring designer of her own millinery Brand known as ‘Jana Fragola’ which she commenced two years back. In addition, she is working in Finance at Hewlett-Packard hoping one day to will dedicate her time entirely to Jana Fragola.

Here we talk the work of Jana Fragola, a headgear made sure that we will have much success, but the best we leave with her to experience.

When did the idea of creating hats strike Jana’s mind?

It came a little over two years when she realized that in weddings of royalty and famous persons mainly fixed the shoes, sun hats and headdresses in both brides as guests. Specifically, it was the wedding of Prince William to Kate that she decided to search for a course and formarme. Also, by then she had a supplements store with the same name and thought it would be good idea.

Her Business Philosophy

Her goal is to provide top quality fully customizable designs to get Jana who take a hit Fragola feel glamorous, unique and special. She is also image consultant, so she loves helping her clients not only find the perfect touch to the event they will attend, but to answer their question as to what dress to wear and what other accessories to use.

Her Inspiration

Inspiration can come from anywhere like travel, flowers, colors, fabrics, new materials, celebrities or people in the street. She always carries a small notebook where she draws the ideas that come at unexpected moments, but she thinks her biggest influence is the elegance of femininity of the 40s and 50s, and British design. Kate Middleton is one of here muses as a clear example of less is more. On the opposite side, Nati Abascal inspires her with his mastery risking with textures, patterns and colors with absolute elegance.

Her Recommendations to a Couple Who Is Looking For Professionals for Your Wedding

The originality of a wedding is based on being themselves and therefore only getting the couple will get a wedding identify is endearing, touching and funny. Therefore, the most important to select professionals is that they know how to understand the uniqueness of the couple to reflect at a wedding in which everything has a connection as all the notes of a piece of music perfectly. She made two wedding planner courses to better advise the brides and bridesmaids who come in search of a hit. It is important to understand how it fits the personality of the bride on the type of wedding she has chosen to design the perfect touch for the dress of her dreams while it is also important to pay attention to the flower girl dresses as she adds to the elegance.


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